Maxim Fadeev commented on the status of Nargiz

Максим Фадеев прокомментировал состояние Наргиз
The media reported on the serious illness of the singer.


Photo: @fadeevmaxim Instagram Nargis

As soon as it became known about the cancellation of upcoming concerts Nargis, the social media “spread” rumors that the actress is seriously ill. Maxim Fadeev, who is also the producer, and close friend of the actress, made a statement about the state of health of the performer. As it turned out, the life of Nargis is not in danger.

The singer truly recently went to the hospital to physicians since a long time could not heal the common cold, but severe or even fatal (it is) diseases she wasn’t diagnosed. By the way, Fadeev emphasized that everyone who works with the label MALFA required to undergo annual examinations.

“With such touring schedules, travel and stress, we must know that in our family no one has problems with health. Nargis — the artist who acts without weekends at all and have almost lives on the stage. The only thing we were not prepared and now had to postpone a few shows — Nargis had a severe cold, which was repeated from time to time. Now she’s much better! The word that I wrote not so long ago – listen to your body. Health above all!” the statement says Fadeyev.

Recall that Nargis recently announced a boycott of the First channel. The reason was that the staff allegedly behaved improperly in relation to the singer, trying to find out her ex-husband’s scandalous details of the life of the performer.