Maxim Fadeev commented on the birth of Yulia Savicheva

Максим Фадеев прокомментировал роды Юлии Савичевой
The producer explained what happened to his ward.

Maxim Fadeev Julia Savicheva

Photo: “7 Days”

Maxim Fadeev has placed points over i in a mysterious
history related to pregnancy, Yulia Savicheva, for six months in
vacation. It’s no wonder that fans and journalists have long suspected that
the singer is in position and flew with her husband away from prying eyes. And
recently there were reports that the star first became a mother. But the famous
producer Savicheva assured that Julia was just resting.

“All nonsense. It makes a couple of strange people — all of them
time wrote a lie, she called my mother, seemed to other people, and then
wrote. This information has no relation to reality, — said
Maxim Fadeev edition — Julia 12 years plow without rest
she had two weeks of vacation per year. She just came in and said he wanted
to relax, be with family and to write a new album. I quietly let her go, they
work and enjoy swimming in the ocean, enjoy life. She will return then
when I want to. She’s my daughter — she grew on my hands.If Julia
actually gave birth, we’d love said. Why do we hide what
make sense? Glad to all be together and all.”

How Savicheva really tired at work
and how it affects family life, she said in a recent interview

“I understand that Sasha is with me is not easy. Take
projects in which he participated: “Starry ice”, “dancing with the stars”, “One
one.” They took away all the time, all the forces — shared Julia. — Returning
home, or I drop dead or have started to complain on fatigue, pain from
endless falls on the ice, nervous overload. And constant resentment? On the project
“Star ice” I have been diagnosed with the strain of the abdominal muscles, which we
with a partner French champion in figure skating Jerome Blanchard had
to go the distance. On the show “one to One” through the efforts of one of the contestants I
twice was at the end of the table. Then “accidentally” make-up inappropriate
imposed, then the mask of my character made unrecognizable. All this influenced the
results. When others held back, only at home gave way to tears. Sasha
calm, drink tea, cradled like a little. But sometimes he’s broke.
Indeed, in their creative experiences and desire to be a student I literally
there are no houses. Sasha worried and sometimes offended. Because of this
we often quarrel”.