Maxim Fadeev comes back on stage

Максим Фадеев возвращается на сцену

The famous Russian producer Maxim Fadeev decided to return to what once started their career singing and the fans are very happy about this.

“I once heard the saying that singing is praying twice. I agree with this 100%. I could feel it. I want to get back on stage and sing for those who need it!” — said Fadeev his return to the stage. Maxim said that this does not mean that from tomorrow he goes on tour with the new songs, but on stage we will now see him more. Five or six “point” concerts in the year, he guarantees his fans.
Your emotional outbursts he will meet rarely, but neatly. Pushed Fadeeva whether to resume singing a duet with Nargis, he does not say, however, it is clear that received vast experience of the singer and the producer will be able to amaze us with their new songs.