Максим Фадеев назвал роковой поездку SEREBRO на «Евровидение» On the eve of the international vocal contest, which this year should go to Portugal, well-known producer remembered the past. More than ten years ago, the show went wards Maxim Fadeev the group SEREBRO.

In may this year in Lisbon will host the 63rd international contest “Eurovision”. Russia large-scale show will be presented by singer Yulia Samoilova with the song “I Won’t Break”. In anticipation of the Grand event producer Maxim Fadeev recalled the past – in 2007 the competition went his band with the song SEREBRO “Song #1”. According to the results of the audience voting Elena Temnikova, Marina Lizorkina and Olga Seryabkina took third place with 207 points.

According to the producer, initially, he didn’t want to send his players on a vocal competition, but Fadeev has been asked to prepare the room for participation in the national selection contest. Figure of show-business decided to meet the producers.

“You know, still the biggest mistake I believe I have succumbed once the request to “give” them to perform at Eurovision. Regret? No. But I never wanted to say in SEREBRO in Russia in General. We had less than a year to overcome all the barriers, from psychological preparation prior to performing movements on the platform at this level. SEREBRO was my mechanism that is lost from the start and went the other way. Others, but it did not become worse,” – said Fadeev in social networks.

Since then, as the girls performed at the international competition, held 11 years. Maxim Fadeev noted that never looks back, to imagine other scenarios.

Figure of show-business have turned to social network users with the request to comment on the songs of Yulia Samoilova, who represented Russia this year. Views subscribers Fadeeva divided. Some wrote that the song caught up artist, while the other found her weak vocally. Whatever it was, many wished Samoilova luck.

Julia Samoylova presented the song with which will go to Eurovision

By the way, this year the show also will be attended by the winner of “Eurovision-2009” Alexander Rybak, star of “the Voice” Sevak Hanagyan and Opera singer of Russian origin Nechaeva Elina. According to the bookmakers, the greatest chances of winning Israeli singer of Netta Barzilai, who will perform with the song “Toy”. Second place give Nechaeva, representing Estonia, and the third – Mykolas Josef from the Czech Republic. Russian woman Julia Samoylova put on the 16-th position.

The first and second semi-finals of “Eurovision-2018” will take place on 8 and 10 may and the final is scheduled for may 12. This year the competition will take place in “Altis-arena” with a capacity of 20 thousand spectators.