Maxim Fadeev boldly robbed two times in a row

Максима Фадеева дерзко ограбили два раза подряд
The producer recalled a heartbreaking story.

Maxim Fadeev

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Maxim Fadeev, health, and
the sense of purpose which is always to be admired, talked about what
price has fulfilled his childhood dream.

“As any Soviet boy, I always dreamed of
some new things appearing in Soviet industry. As I remember,
when the Kama bike with a thick frame, I immediately wanted it! Their
done in Riga, imported. I was then nine years old — says the producer. And
cost this bike is expensive — hundred with superfluous roubles. I, without thinking twice, I
to get it, went to work on ovoschebazah. But I was a kid, and I don’t
gave unload the crates is then started when I was years
fourteen. We had already unloaded everything: it was our summer earnings,
so we can imagine something to fall buy — to school, for example. And I started
bash the boxes of fruit. A large box was worth ten cents, little five.
You know how much you had to put together boxes to buy
bike. In the end, I earned the money.

Come home happy, and leave the bike near
the entrance, itself anticipating home dad, so he helped me to pull it in
apartment. Go out in a few minutes, but the bike was stolen. I was just shocked. I
didn’t even cry — just sat on a bench and thought about how much I will need
to put together the boxes next year to buy the same bike. And here
in summer, history repeated itself exactly – boxes, bike Kama. This time was
smarter: from ride from the soul, left
near the entrance, again followed dad And was stolen again! Since then I have the idea with the bikes
even abandoned — like, not my transport.”

In this action-Packed childhood of Maxim Fadeev not

“After a bad experience with the bike, I don’t
calmed down and began to dream about the moped, — says the musician. — As I remember, “Riga-7”.
Again earned all summer, bought. Sat on it, rode all day and night were
under the trolley. Broke all arms, legs… the Moped was “in a mess”. Since then, my
two-wheeled history has been closed forever. But, honestly, if it’s not
it seemed such a terrible and highly offensive, I took it more as a lesson. But
what a beautiful dream — to earn, to buy! Pride
overwhelmed, and in the yard I respect those who do not have parents asked for money, and was
and did everything with their hands”.