Maxim Fadeev became the father of many children

Максим Фадеев стал многодетным отцом
The producer admitted that all life dreamt of a girl.

Maxim Fadeev, Kate Kischuk

Maxim Fadeev became the father of many children. Anyway,
such a statement, the producer did, announcing beloved children entertainers. “All my life
wanted to have a daughter, and today we can say that I’m a family man . Worried
for my girls, for their children. And love immensely. And glad they
strive to introduce me to his entourage. Because in our family all
trust, and no from each other secrets. And I’m happy to be their shoulder!” —
signed by the producer of a picture posing with the soloist of the group SEREBRO Kate
Kischuk and her boyfriend. The singer decided to introduce a Maxim with her boyfriend
man, as sincerely believes, Fadeev for her second dad.

Yulia Savicheva, by the way, who is also an artist producer
company Fadeeva Malfa, Maxim is the godfather. The singer not once
emphasized how much she needs and important producer. She is eternally grateful
him for support. “It’s so wonderful to meet and talk
about anything and everything. How nice that despite the schedule and fatigue, have
a person willing to put everything aside for half a day for simple communication. As I
glad there are people that flare up like a torch when it comes to music and
work, ready even now to write a song, just to remove the clip, just
because it would be interesting. I’m so glad that there are people which still
then it is very easy to make friends and to work. How many years have passed, and you’re all the same
crazy-talented and positive!” — shared Julia.