Maxim Fadeev and Grigory Leps was brought to tears Julia Savicheva

Максим Фадеев и Григорий Лепс довели до слез Юлю Савичеву The singer was touched by the star Duo. Maxim Fadeev and Grigory Leps delighted fans by posting the video on lyrical song “Eagles or crows.” The filming took place in Barrow, where they were born well-known producer and alumna of the second season of “American idol”.
Максим Фадеев и Григорий Лепс довели до слез Юлю Савичеву

Maxim Fadeev and Grigory Leps submitted to YouTube a new video for the song “Eagles or crows.” The video was filmed in the hometown of famous producer – in Kurgan. Fadeev thanked local residents, including the Governor Alexey Kokorin, for assistance in the work on the roller. According to the figure of show-business, it is important not to forget their roots.

In the story of two men who were born in the same town in conflict with each other. After a few decades one of the characters goes to the hospital and needs a blood transfusion. The countryman immediately became his donor.

“Without a past we have no future. All our life is a great story, its roots always lead to native places, which over time become Holy. Always remember who you are and where you came from. Where it all started and how it influenced who you are today. Our roots is what remains with us until the end of life. I will never forget my hometown, because for all that I have, I thank mound and all the events associated with it that have made me who I am,” said Fadeev.
Максим Фадеев и Григорий Лепс довели до слез Юлю Савичеву

According to the press service, in the clip not filmed not one professional actor. All who took part in the work on the video, local residents and childhood friends Maxim Fadeev. The producer continues to communicate with them until now.

Ward Maxim Fadeev Julia Savicheva, who was also born in Barrow, was impressed with his new joint work with Grigory Leps. The actress, who recently became a mother, and now gradually returning to work, expressed his gratitude to the producer.

“Heart cry from this work. Especially when you see his hometown. All my childhood has passed in the Mound. All my memories associated with him. Tears in your eyes, so it’s hard. And so impressed. I want to say that for me the friend is the man who for many years next to you, no matter what. Share your views on life, helps and cares about you for real. I was lucky. I have a man. This Is Max. It since I was born!” – said Savicheva.

Yulia pointed out that Fadeev for her not just a friend, a mentor and a second father. “I’m thankful for the fact that it happened. Max, thank you for your great and kind heart. I want to wish all who have no true friend to you on the way there was a man! And I highly recommend to see the work of Maxim Fadeev and Grigory Leps, which will instill confidence in everyone who lost it,” said the singer.

Максим Фадеев и Григорий Лепс довели до слез Юлю Савичеву