Maxim Fadeev and Emin opened a children’s restaurant

Максим Фадеев и Эмин открыли детский ресторан

Today was the opening of a place called “uncle max” on the territory of shopping Mall VEGAS Crocus city. Visitors were treated to bio-food…

The mentor show “the Voice. Children”, the producer Maxim Fadeev together with Emin Agalarov opened a music restaurant. “Uncle max,” which opened today in Crocus city Hall, focused on visitors with children.

In the menu along with multinational dishes: burgers, wholesome chips, milkshakes and desserts – presented bio food and silver water.

Average bill is 1,000 rubles. In the restaurant, in addition to birthdays and other celebrations will be held music competitions with professional artists on the jury. Every child will be able to showcase their talents and become a star.

“You know, I always wanted to open a children’s restaurant or a cafe. When my son Savva was little, my wife and every weekend was taken aback by the question where to have lunch or dinner with the whole family. At that time in Russia there were very few child-friendly cafe with children’s menu and entertainment for creatively oriented guys. Also, when I did the project “Glyuk’oza” all the time dreamed to open a chain of small restaurants with healthy “Glu-burgers”, “Doberman-burgers” from good products. So there was a lot of sweet, but without consequences for the health of kids — with natural additives from fruits and berries, without any chemical nasties. Much later I shared this project with Emin Agalarov. Fortunately, he showed great interest and supported me. So we decided to make the restaurant chain “uncle max”.

Our idea is to create the perfect family restaurant. We planned a very interesting presentation. In addition, inside the restaurant behind glass will be real music Studio, where everyone will be able to see and feel the magic of the recording process of the song. Every child will have the opportunity to perform on stage, and on the exit of the restaurant the parents will be given real video clip of your son or daughter, shot on a professional camera and fully assembled.

I spent my adult life working with children, so just know that they are interested in what they can carry away. Any visitor of our restaurant — dad, mom, grandma, grandpa, a child will be able to go on stage and perform in front of a wide audience. The restaurant visitors will have the opportunity to see all of our “kitchen”: how to create a song clip. I am sure that such a gift on birthday for a child is simply unique. We will thus be able to inspire children in a new area in creativity. In all the interviews I talk a lot about the importance of comprehensive development of the child. Music is one of the main instruments of harmonization of the soul, the personality. That is why the basis of our Emin restaurant “uncle max” is a creative concept”.

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By the way, Maxim Fadeev – not the first representative of domestic show-business, which tries hand at the restaurant business. Japanese food is Dmitry Nagiev, Sergey Svetlakov a couple of years ago he opened a chain of restaurants of contemporary Oriental cuisine, Ivan Urgant and Alexander Tsekalo are treated to a gourmet traditional European dishes in the school “the Garden”. Timothy last week introduced the world to own fast food. Ksenia Sobchak owns cafe “Donut” and Stas Kostyushkin – network pyshechnaya “Doughnut da Pudra”. Among his fellow restaurateurs stands out Sergey Lazarev, who opened a bakery… for dogs.