Максим Дрозд открестился от романа с Анной Ардовой At the end of last year it became known about the death of her husband Anna Ardovs Alexander Shavrina. The man died from cancer. According to some media reports, before the death of the actress divorced her husband because of an affair with Maxim Drozd.

Famous artist Maksim Drozd for the first time commented on the rumors about the affair with the star of the sitcom “One for all” Anna ardovs. According to some sources, the actress made cancer the wife of Alexander Shavrina and went to brutal the Thrush.

“We played with Anya in the play “Married, but live” Yes, there were explicit scenes, so we began to marry. But there is nothing between us! Our relationship as colleagues on stage, don’t believe gossip,” said Maxim.

In the acting circles as the Thrush is known for its many marriages, romances and divorce. Brutal macho broke not one woman’s heart.

“The first time I got married at 21 but we soon divorced. The first marriage was born Dasha. She graduated from the University, is now a certified psychologist. Lives with her mother in Riga. From the second wife have two children – Egor and Masha. From the third wife, Victoria Poltorak I have a daughter Sophie,” the singer confessed.

With ex-spouses, Maxim has maintained a friendly relationship. The actor supported the heirs and is trying everything to help their children.

“On the former, I will say this: they were amazing and beautiful women, I’m proud of them and I regret that many do not have enough feelings and understanding… Alas. Today I want to confess to them: probably was largely to blame. I’m short-tempered, a man of moods, do not let people in their emotional and intellectual space. And this, as I now understand, is very insulting to women. Want my woman to go to the theater, and my mood is not right, tell her: “Go with a friend, you want to stay home alone.” Offended. Can fly off the handle over trifles, but quickly I depart,” said Drozd.

The artist pointed out that, being married, never cheated on their wives. However, Maxim’s mother Lyudmila Visitor believes that the son generally leads to unrighteous living. A woman many years ago became a novice of one of Kiev’s monasteries.

“My mother was a lady, loved get-togethers and acting skits. At some point I noticed that she began to change: a lot of icons, and increasingly, she went to service in the Church, became more modest dress. And then suddenly decided to leave the monastery as a postulant. Now mom says that I am unjust way of life, but I’m not offended. Even more I love her for it. And the monastery where she lives, try to help if possible”, – said the actor edition of “Interlocutor”.