Maxim Averin received a pie in the face on the anniversary

Максим Аверин получил тортом в лицо на юбилее
Team of the series “Sklifosovsky” celebrated its 5th anniversary on the air.

Максим Аверин получил тортом в лицо на юбилее

Five years ago, the TV channel “Russia 1” was released
the first season of the series “Sklifosovsky” about the uneasy routine of doctors main
Institute ambulance. The first episode is charming and charismatic doctor
Bragin performed by Maxim Averin became a favorite of millions of viewers. To
the first anniversary of the popular film series “the Russian” has announced on social
networks the contest. The winners were Yulia Denisova from Vladimir and
Olga Ponomareva from St. Petersburg. Girls at the invitation of the film company visited
on the set of “pet project” and to meet famous actors.

Максим Аверин получил тортом в лицо на юбилее

Now the film company “Russian” takes the sixth season
“Sklifosovsky”. That’s why the celebration decided to carry out directly in
the scenery of the project, in between takes. Holidays with surprises for
set “Sklifa” are not uncommon. So, in your birthday, Maxim
Averin presented an award from the crew of “the Best doctor of the year”. And
the celebration of the anniversary of “Sklifosovskogo” Dr. Bragin received… a pie in the face. To
fortunately, a personalized dessert with the size of 10 kilos lost marketability.

Максим Аверин получил тортом в лицо на юбилее

This day gathered the main star
composition and the new heroes. At the holiday table Maxim Averin admitted that his
mission as a physician is to get more people thinking about their health.
“Just think: this is our operating room as a real, right, and
the doctors are really saving lives! Cinema is, of course, not a Handbook for life
but some of the issues that are in the air, we need to raise. The authors
the project is increasingly coming up with new twists and this all the more interesting and
fun to play”.

The famous actor admitted that he is so
merged with his character, even on the street to seek medical
help. “Mostly, the girls are asked to do CPR,” he joked

the sixth season will feature the participation of actor Andrey Ilyin. “My hero is very curious
itself. Interesting and its history. With the heroine Elena Yakovleva surgeon Krivitsky
long-term friendship. Many years ago, they wanted to get married, but my
hero Krivitsky was forced to leave. And now he’s back at Home, but with
other problems” — intriguing