Max Fadeev made a check boyfriend soloist of the group SEREBRO

Макс Фадеев устроил проверку бойфренду солистки группы SEREBRO Well-known producer called the elect Kathy Kischuk on a serious conversation. Maxim Fadeev told about the conversation in social networks. Users of social networks laughed at the humor of the worker of show business.
Макс Фадеев устроил проверку бойфренду солистки группы SEREBRO

Producer Maxim Fadeev met with the boyfriend of one of the singers of the group SEREBRO Katie Kischuk. Figure of show business talked with a young man in the office of his production center. Apparently, Fadeev was satisfied with the conversation with Ivan Acuras.

In the picture, which appeared on Instagram of Maxim, he talks enthusiastically elect Katie, and he listens carefully, trying to gather my thoughts.

“Coming into the conversation. Was a great guy. Katya, congratulations,” said the producer in social networks.

Subscribers Fadeeva appreciated his humor is appreciated. “I came to ask the hand?”, “The situation is like at the police station,” “This is what area?” “Uncle Max its not just anyone gives up”, “Yell”, “I Wonder what he listens to with such a face?”, “You have, instead of meeting his parents the familiarity with the producer?”, “Colony”, “When you pass face control at dad”, “Got kicked”, “Maxim gives a choice as Morpheus from “the Matrix”, “Councils of elders,” “Losers,” – commented on the Internet.

Some followers of the producer, decided that in this way he hinted at a collaboration with a new artist. “I got recruited”, “Signed on the label,” shared fans Fadeeva their assumptions. It is known that Ivan Acura is also keen on music as his beloved Kate Kischuk. The young man speaks with DJ sets and is popular in narrow circles.

Макс Фадеев устроил проверку бойфренду солистки группы SEREBRO

The intention to communicate with Ivan Akurei Maxim Fadeev announced in October last year. “Young man, waiting for you to conversation” – with these words, the producer turned to the boyfriend of Katie Kischuk in his microblog. Users of social networks found that Fadeev well, joke.

We will remind that last year the group SEREBRO left Pauline favorskaya. She intends to focus on the study of meditative practices. “She decided to try herself in different directions, I’m very glad for her, – commented Maxim Fadeev care of one of the singers. – Paula, I wish you all the best”.

After colleagues Tabor announced her decision, they made a casting for the vacant position. Maxim Fadeev received thousands of requests from girls who dream to start a career in show business. According to the results of competitive selection to Kate Kischuk and Olga Seryabkina joined Tatiana Morgunova from St. Petersburg. At the end of January the girl appeared for the first time in the popular group. New soloist of the group SEREBRO left the guy for his career