Макс Барских представил новый альбом "7"
Singer Max Barsky a few days ago, promised to surprise his audience. And the artist kept his word. Today, February 8, the singer Max Barsky presented a new album called “7”, the tracks are rotated on Russkoye radio.

Макс Барских представил новый альбом "7"

“The whole day exclusive to the air Russian Radio @russkoe_radio listen to new songs from the album “7”!”

– wrote Max six hours ago.

Макс Барских представил новый альбом "7"

On disc 7 tracks:

1. berega
2. unearthly
3. strange
4. no one
5. noice
6. why
7. remember

The most positive reviews.

“Creating a song, I tend to just talk about deep stuff. Compiling the album, I ruthlessly discard any song that violates the General topic of the dialogue. Because music is a dialogue with my listener that can and will be repeated many times for a long time in totally different situations and mood. In the album “7” I have become closer to their ideal formula of “pleasant listening” and “see eye to eye”. #newalbum”

– added the artist. Wait until the album will be on sale.

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