Max Barsky met with my father after 16 years

Макс Барских впервые встретился с отцом спустя 16 лет A musician could not hold back tears. Max Barsky admitted that the dad left the family when he was 11 years old. The artist decided to share a personal story to his fans also gave a second chance to loved ones.

Popular singer Max Barsky has released a new video for the song “February”. However, the video, which is made of plastic as a documentary study, was a revelation for his fans. The was directed by Alan Badoev, who is his producer, and Stas Morozov. They are known for their video with many stars of Russian and Ukrainian show business. The Directors decided to show a musician with a completely different side to reveal what brought him so close as well as sensual person. They removed the personal history of the artist on a long winter between two people – father and son.

As it turned out, Barsky has not seen her dad for 16 years. The man left the family when max was 11 years old. The artist admits that the study “February” was a turning point in the relationship with his father, and candid interviews helped to understand their own feelings.

“In the first minutes of meeting Max made his tea and brought him up to speed by showing them how to work the camera, says Alan Badoev. – All developed spontaneously. I was improvising, starting from the two characters, constantly complicating their task, bringing together them. And at some point in the pavilion was a magic to the fore emotions. To ignore them was impossible: the whole group, with bated breath, watched as two of the native people were hard to trust and take the first step towards each other”.

The clip also interviews of lordly, which revealed the depth of feelings and experiences. The actor did not hide his surging feelings and tears.

“We took a very personal history – admitted Max. – It is similar to the history of other families. Such cases are often considered the norm, but they really hurt. I would like to after watching the viewer could be given a second chance and myself and who haven’t had much communication.”