Max Barskikh left for the USA As expected, after making some noise online with a machine gun in his hands, the recruit Mikola Bortnik again became Max Barskikh and set sail for America.

Max Barskikh left for the USA Since Ukraine is now in trend, Max did not limit himself to performances in local clubs and was able to appear on local television.

Max Barskikh left for the USA

Taking the example of the president of his country, Barskikh came there in clothes that vaguely resembled military clothes and even wrapped himself in the Ukrainian flag so that everyone could understand where he came from .

Max Barskikh left for the USA

Max story he sang a tearful story about his unfortunate country and even sang, no, not “fogs-mana”, but some sad song in Ukrainian.

Well, now we can say that Max paid his debt to his Motherland in America. Will fly to Germany soon. There he also has military cathedrals, that is, concerts.

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