Matveev explained why they hide Boyar son

Матвеев объяснил, почему они с Боярской скрывают сына Actor opposed to taking the heir with him to social events. Husband of Elizabeth Boyar believes that in this way they can deprive the child of a carefree childhood. According to star of the picture “Anna Karenina”, he wants to keep the spontaneity in Andrew.

Elizaveta Boyarskaya and Maksim Matveev try not to draw attention to his family. The actors who played together in the film “Anna Karenina” and protect our five year old son Andrew, why not show the boy reporters. Even after the celebration of the birth of an heir the parents do not share pictures with him on social networks. Boyarskaya and Matveyev threw a noisy party for son

The actor believes that the boy should not repeat the fate of the mother. According to him, little Lisa wasn’t easy to grow up, as dozens of journalists tried to take pictures of the successor of Mikhail Boyarsky.

“Even in the example of Lisa, judging from her childhood photos, I see that children suffering much attention to themselves, to their parents. It robs the spontaneity of childhood is transformed into work. I would like to keep the spontaneity in your child. So I principled supporter of a rather closed life,” – said Matveev.

Recently parents sent him to a new kindergarten. Elizabeth says that they like preschool, because no one treats their child any differently than other students. “We are very happy. Around cute, delicate, easy to communicate with people, no attention or special treatment not feel. Several times we came to a common event with parents, it was very fun. One of them took place in the pool – the kids swam, and we had to support them and cheer. All put hands on washcloths, in General, in the garden all is well”, – said the boyar.

Parents report that trying to download a son at such an early age numerous studies. According to Elizabeth, the child is able to do what other children in five years. Besides, the boy loves, when he read books, and have recently started to learn English.

“He’s a great, logical reasons. Well, in my opinion, probably because Maxim and still talk on good Russian. Andrew inserts some serious momentum – “I believe” “I don’t quite agree,” it always charms,” explained Boyarsky in conversation with journalists of the newspaper “Hello”.