Matthew McConaughey worked as a driver for students of the University of Texas

Мэттью МакКонахи поработал водителем для студентов Техасского университета

Imagine this: you call a taxi, and your driver is having a Hollywood celebrity. Your reaction? Bewilderment mixed with joy, for sure. Such feelings recently had the opportunity to experience the students of the University of Texas in Austin, when they saw behind the wheel caused their machines Matthew McConaughey.

The star of the movie “the Lincoln lawyer” participated in the new program of his Alma mater — Safe Walk, the essence of which is that each student can ask for volunteers to give him a lift if he needs to come home late. So for Zapestnica students volunteer was Matthew.

Such an outstanding driver quickly became a legend University: labor night Matthew was captured on photos and video, and students since then have been increasingly using the Safe Walk program in the hope that they will take it McConaughey.

Recall, the Hollywood hunk was a student at the University of Texas, but it never finished. Enrolling in the law faculty, Matthew realized that his calling in another and left the walls of the institution.