Matthew McConaughey has found his double in the distant past

Мэттью Макконахи нашел своего двойника в далеком прошлом

In the Network quite often you can find the photo, which depicts Nicolas cage with his counterpart from the past. Now the resemblance to someone from the past century can boast Matthew McConaughey.

Someone by the name of Sanders Parker found out his great-grandfather Dr. Andrew Sanders, who like two peas similar to a Hollywood Oscar-winning actor.

Kindred the family McConaughey and Sanders, which could explain such a striking resemblance, at the moment nothing is known.

As recognized members of the family Sanders, they did not pursue any commercial objectives. “It’s a striking resemblance. It was too good to not share,” said Mr. Parker.

McConaughey himself has so far not commented on the sudden appearance of his DoppelgangeR from the past.


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