Меттью Макконахи создал страницу в Instagram, но не просто так, у актера есть свои планы

Меттью Макконахи создал страницу в Instagram, но не просто так, у актера есть свои планы

Matthew McConaughey was one of those celebrities who was absent official page in Instagram. Everything changed yesterday, November 4, 2019, on this day the actor celebrated his big 50th anniversary. In honor of this great event Matthew decided to create a page, but he did this not just for fun, he has his own mission.

The actor has placed the first post in which he shared with his subscribers about the great experience. He’s scared, as fans and outsiders would react to his thoughts, feelings and Outlook on life. McConaughey decided that it would be to share it all online.

As expected, the account of the actor became very popular, less than 24 hours Matthew had signed up to 680 thousand people. This is an excellent result, by the way, of course for his fate is now being followed and other celebrities. Yesterday the page has been added to your subscription Reese Witherspoon and Justin Bieber. And the first post already has a well-deserved 300 thousand likes.

In his video, the actor explained what pushed him to create a personal page. Matthew is never in the interview did not share his views on life, and after 50 years, he decided to take this step. That’s why he feels very strongly about this. In his head there are many thoughts that he wants to convey to the public, however, knows what the reaction to his actions. But he has taken this step and now he wonders how people will perceive his thoughts, they amuse, upset or thought-provoking? In any case, the celebrity in hopes that he will succeed cause the desired emotions.

Interestingly, just 2 weeks ago the ranks of Instagram joins Jennifer aniston, yet the actress is not very active blogger, but it still pleases his fans with the pictures in her account for as much as 7 publications. Who’s next from the long-awaited celebrities appear in this popular social network?

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