Мэтт ЛеБлан останется ведущим Top Gear

The scandalous treatment of Jeremy Clarkson from his post as host of the automotive show Top Gear the ratings of the program were to fall dramatically.

A fan of the show was sure to replace the famous host cannot be given by anyone, no matter what celebrity this case the management of the BBC were not involved.

Despite the great hopes placed on the shoulders of the new leading Matt LeBlanc and Chris Evans, to achieve a high rate of view they failed, but on the contrary, because of the strange behavior of Evans in the scene, the audience began to say that there is no desire to look at how someone tries to be like Clarkson.

Chris left the project. Now LeBlanc was left alone. But, recently, it became clear that the role of the former star of “Friends” is also not ready, because behind the leading actor decided to leave the project.

However, the intentions of Matt was short-lived. For now, he said that the future of Top Gear rather vague, but he definitely sees himself in this project.

The BBC is aware that, except the actor, to “save” Top Gear will be simply no one. Now the BBC and LeBlanc are in talks about a new contract, and in case of successful completion, the actor will remain in Top Gear and will receive a fee in the amount of about half a million dollars.

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