Мэтт Дэймон мечтает избавиться от Джейсона Борна
The starving actor on the set.

a scene from the movie “the Bourne Ultimatum”

Matt Damon admitted recently: for a while,
what’s playing Jason Bourne, he managed to almost hate his character. “I
thought it would be right to finish the series of films about Bourne last time. But the fans
all the time asked me to continue… In the end, our Director Peter Greengrass once said:
“Well, let’s shake the dust off our old costumes again!” But, be
sure, we decided to do this just because we have a great script
and we were sure that we will be able to do one more worthwhile part of the franchise!” — told
Damon shortly before the premiere of the new film.

The first time Matt played his character in
2002, and this role helped him become a star of the first magnitude. Since then
three more times he wore the same “old dusty clothes”, as he called it
Director. A current movie has become the fourth part of the adventures of a brave spy. However, from the very first film has been almost 15 years, and, as admitted
the actor to play Bourne him harder and harder. “Because when we started,
I was not even 30 years, and now 45… Training at this time I
it took much longer and was given to me they are much heavier made

But the most difficult was to him not even training.
“I am in principle not against to work in the gym. But the food… I had
eat only boiled chicken and steamed vegetables. If you
only knew how it got to me! I wanted to start to eat all in a row,
as soon as I finish to play … ” he told Matt. It was all for Damon painfully. As told before, the actor, just that he
have to move for the movies, he hates the most it diet…

As for the future of the franchise
it Damon did not care. He’s not going to play the role
Bourne. And will only be happy if this character will play
another actor, younger.

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