Мэтт Дэймон применил шпионские навыки в реальной жизни
The actor is playing a risky game.

Matt Damon

Photo: Outnow.ch

The other day
some residents of Los Angeles had become victims of telephone draw actor
Matt Damon. The game started by Damon, looked very risky.
However, those of played by the actor of the citizens that have stood the test of
strength” was pleased with his joke. In this case, the actor proved he is no less of a master of practical jokes than George Clooney.

It all began
with the fact that 45-year-old Matt has decided to use their “spy skills” in practice. After all
it is this part of a lot of experience — he played five times Jason
Bourne! So it’s a draw, Damon was sure he would be able to be

The gist of it
the idea was to call on randomly selected rooms, to hint that
he is a secret agent and ask for conscientious citizens on assistance. In this case, none
talked with Matt were not even aware that they are talking with a movie star. Of course,
the part of interlocutors of the actor without hearing him, stopped talking. Those who do not hang
up, Damon started to give instructions. Some he asked to go to
the particular bridge and take the stranger standing there a package with “secret
documents.” And the password to utter the phrase: “Elephants can swim.”
Others he gave the order to buy in a stall of hot dog and hold it in your hand
certain way to learn another “agent”…

Those who
followed the instructions Damon, was ultimately in the building, and
met Matt. And received as a prize for “services rendered” — a personal handshake stars and a free ticket
for the premiere of the new movie actor about Jason Bourne. That is, the draw was
conceived as a kind of promotion. And along with the winners
was honored to make a contribution to the charitable Foundation of actor. By the way,
Matt was very lucky that none of them played people didn’t call the police.

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