Мэтт Дэймон разыграл прохожих

Hollywood star actor Matt Damon decided to play the residents of Los Angeles, inviting them to perform a secret mission, like in the movie about the secret service agent Bourne, the picture which soon goes on the screen.

According to the publication NME, the joke consisted in the fact that to passers-by and then got involved in the action people and put them into the hands of the mobile phone with the words: “You call.” On the phone with them told Damon, who told me that they have to perform a secret mission for the good of the Motherland and gave instructions. Someone hung up, realizing immediately that it was a hoax, but there were those who, after watching films about special agents, agreed to do the job. A job could buy a hot dog in a certain place to get the “agent” envelope and bring it to the agreed place. In this place drawn was waiting for Matt.
The world premiere of “Jason Bourne” is scheduled for July 27.

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