Matsuev, Kobzon, Choi and other stars gave a feast to the inhabitants of Plyos

Мацуев, Кобзон, Цой и другие звезды подарили праздник жителям Плёса In the Ivanovo region launched the third annual Country festival named after Shalyapin. Representatives of the Opera stage and the national stage have left all things to become part of a large-scale musical events.
Мацуев, Кобзон, Цой и другие звезды подарили праздник жителям Плёса

Today in the town of ples in Ivanovo region took place the opening of the summer festival named after Shalyapin, which was waiting for the locals and music stars. The artists arrived at the scene earlier in the day to start the planned activities in time to see the sights and enjoy the beauty of nature. In the evening guests of the festival were expecting a recital of Denis Matsuev, who prepared for the audience a lot of surprises. A virtuoso pianist has performed in Levitanovskoy cultural center with a special program with enthusiasm and gratitude greeted the audience.

In recognition of the organizer of cultural events, famous bass of Askar Abdrazakov, local residents repeatedly asked to bring them Opera stars and musicians, performing the immortal works of the classics. The gathered audience was impressed by the evening that gave them Denis Matsuev.To attending the festival named after Shalyapin decided Iosif Kobzon, Anita Tsoy with her son, Tamara Gverdtsiteli, Yana Churikova, British actor Ralph Fiennes, who are not indifferent to Russian culture, wife of the Prime Minister of the country Svetlana Medvedev, and many others.By the way, the wife of Dmitry Medvedev, addressing the audience, said she is pleased to share this significant event for the city.

“I’m happy today to welcome you and to present in this fabulous location, in the ples,” said Svetlana.

Tomorrow arrived in Plyos starship troopers will take part in several significant events. Sunday morning, artists will go on a festive Liturgy devoted to the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Cathedral of resurrection. Then they will follow on the embankment of the Volga, where you will be laying the Foundation stone of the monument to Fyodor Chaliapin, and then will be guests of the solemn ceremony of the return of the abducted in 2014, the paintings of Levitan House-Museum of the artist. The evening musicians will be on stage the famous Shopping area of the city where will take place the concert dedicated to the memory of conductor Valery Khalilov, whose life took a terrible plane crash over the Black sea in December 2016.

By the way, the meeting with the correspondent of “StarHit” Iosif Kobzon said that upon learning about the scheduled event to the memory of his colleague and friend for many years who led the main military band of the country, he instantly confirmed his participation. To people’s artist of Russia performance at the festival was a matter of honor and personal debt.