Matilda Shnurova spoke about the divorce from her husband

Матильда Шнурова высказалась о разводе с мужем Wife of the actor thanked for the support. According to Matilda Corded, she did not expect so many nice words and attention. She also urged not to hurt Sergei, as it’s very fragile.
Матильда Шнурова высказалась о разводе с мужем

The news about the divorce Sergei Shnurov third wife Matilda became a sensation. The musician himself has reported about this on his page in Instagram. His wife broke the silence and confirmed her husband said, and also noted that it is not easy, but to comment on this situation, she will not.

Despite the fact that both spoke about the fact that I do not intend on this topic to rasprostranyatsya, apparently, after separation both spouses hard.

First Sergey Shnurov devoted to his wife a touching poem, and then between the lines, responding to the comments of subscribers admitted in his numerous infidelities, which he was sorry. And now Matilda came to the defense of Cord.

“I never expected to receive such support from a complete stranger to me because, honestly and without any coquetry, hard to believe its at least some importance next to the really big. Thank you so much! Your words mean a lot, they will rest for a while. And do not hurt Sergei, though he is great, but delicate and vulnerable. Friends all personally,” wrote Matilda.

Sergey and Matilda were married in 2010. All this time the musician and his fiancee – restaurateur and owner of the ballet school, publicly recognized each other in love, supported and been a true idyll in relations.

“For me, in love everything is allowed, it can overcome any obstacles. If not, then it wasn’t. I, for one, adore their kids, wife – generally a separate issue. Even though we don’t see each other as often as we would like, due to my constant travel, but remain always connected”, – shared the artist in an interview with “StarHit”.

Matilda was his third wife. In the first marriage with Mary Ismaylovoy Sergei was born the daughter of a Seraphim, she is now a student at the philosophical faculty of St. Petersburg University. The second wife of the musician became Director of the group “PEP-si” Svetlana Kostitsyna, in 2000, he was the son of Apollo. Most of the media and the public discussed the his affair with actress Oksana Akinshina, which Tala his girlfriend when she was 15.

By the way, no matter what, none of the former Shnurov never spoke about it in a negative light.