Matilda Shnurova opened farm shop

Матильда Шнурова открыла магазин фермерских продуктов The leader of group “Leningrad” supported spouse. The choice of Sergei Shnurov already experienced biznesman all the projects she has been very successful and in demand. This time Mathilde decided to create a shop for lovers of natural products.

      Матильда Шнурова открыла магазин фермерских продуктов

      The wife of the frontman of the group “Leningrad” Sergei Shnurov continues to develop the business direction. 30-year-old Matilda already is a ballet Studio “Isadora” and the restaurant “Kokoko”, located in the heart of the Northern capital. The other day Matilda opened a shop of premium products. In his assortment of jam made from pine cones cost 950 rubles for 250 grams, chicken eggs for 20 rubles apiece, gluten-free bread with lentil flour price 550 rubles for a loaf and more.

      The store is at the restaurant “Kokoko”, orders are delivered only to addresses in the radius of five kilometers from it. If the buyer scored more products than a thousand, they will bring free, less – will have to pay the courier 300 rubles.

      “Our plan is to expand the range, – told the “StarHit” the store Manager Valeria. – In a short time in the store appears farm meat and fresh fish.”

      Fans of natural products can also purchase in store Corded gift certificates from 1500 to 5000 rubles. And on New year, one lucky customer will be awarded a bottle of champagne autographed by Sergei Shnurov – the eve of December 31, the store will hold a drawing.

      Matilda Shnurova explained the care of the family

      A musician himself fascinated by the activities of his wife and happily supports all of her endeavors and share information in their social networks trying to attract attention to the cause of the woman. The artist has repeatedly stated that he was proud to Matilda and I am sure that all of that it only will take will be a success. However, for the Sergey last few years have been very good – his team was probably the most popular in the country, and the soloist was noted as the most discussed person of the year.