Матильда Шнурова объяснила уход из семьи Wife the controversial musician told about the difficult childhood. About the biography of a successful business lady Matilda Corded not much is known. According to some reports, she left home as a teenager. The woman shed light on the reasons for his action.

      Matilda Shnurova, the wife of the leader of group “Leningrad” is one of the most fashionable residents of the cultural capital. The woman is engaged in business: it has its own restaurant and a ballet school. After she married the controversial musician, public attention to it increased significantly. Couple Matilda and Sergei is considered one of the most picturesque in the Russian show-business.

      In a recent interview she was asked about who taught her self-sufficiency and a clear sense of its own boundaries. After all for anybody not a secret that his fiancee is not regularly tries to demonstrate all the advantages of her figure, and prefers not to arrange scandals, unlike many other figures of show business. According to the women, her family has nothing to do with it. Matilda also told that he had received all the lessons outside of the parental home, who left as a teenager. In addition, a woman has shed light on the reasons why it happened.

      “It’s kind of touch, me it’s always been In the family… my boundaries violated pretty tough, our parents’ generation all this was insensitive for several reasons. I left early from the family, my role models were completely different — something that I have learned a lot, and I had formed. I was lucky: I met an unusual and cool people. My case is not normal — although, of course, the parents need to give confidence to the feeling that you’re a person, you have a Foundation. Such children have a huge head start — they don’t need to spend a huge amount of time and energy to reformat and accept myself” — frankly admitted Matilda Shnurova.

      Recall that on the parents choice Sergei Shnurov known not so much. Journalists tried to understand the intricacies of the biography of Matilda and went to the village where she was born. According to media reports, future business woman was raised in poverty, and her childhood years were spent in the village of Losevo in Voronezh region. Mother Matilda Tatiana is adept of one of the Indian religious teachings. According to her, the daughter she left home at the age of fourteen.

      Matilda was quite difficult to understand and accept his identity. The business lady told about that a long time did not find attractive. She also admitted that it is very important to find the right emotional balance that enables a person to open up. In this sense, it helped the cultural capital. “Petersburg allows me to be me” – quoted by Matilda Shnurova the magazine “Dog”.