Matilda extremely lost weight after her divorce with Sergei Shnurov

Матильда экстремально похудела после развода с Сергеем Шнуровым
Surrounded by the former wife of musician worried about her health.

Matilda Shnurova

Matilda Shnurova, which is always carefully watched his diet and was
the slender girl, surprised fans with new photos. Them ex-wife
the leader of group “Leningrad”, which, incidentally, used to be a ballerina,
looks like not just skinny, and, according to some fans exhausted. The attention of many followers Matilda
attracted by the fact that after a breakup with Sergei Shnurov it has become even more
thin than before. “You are thin”, “Reed”, “lost weight”, —
commented on the Corded subscribers.

However, the Matilda claims that the divorce with Sergei Shnurov does not
associated with her phenomenal weight loss. The girl said that her chiseled figure
the result of a balanced diet.

“With the recent
then I was on the advice of a nutritionist is almost completely removed from your diet
carbohydrates and the correct “long”, and fast, and along with the gluten — spoke
Matilda in an interview with Hello! — I did not
to lose weight, and in an attempt to understand what products are suitable for me
decided to improve the knowledge of itself. Passed extensive blood and already on it
received a recommendation is to teach the body to obtain energy from carbohydrates, and
the right fats, and to remove the lactose, that is milk and products made from
it — cream, butter, ice cream.

is my Breakfast (a choice, not all together at once, of course):
any recipes with eggs (but no cow’s milk or cream can of coconut milk)
avocados, salmon, nuts, cheese, any vegetables and some fruit (the ones
the carbs I have left), an advantage over citrus. Oil use
ghee, coconut, olive”.