Matershinnik Cords will lecture on the history of art

Матершинник Шнуров будет читать лекции по истории искусства

The flamboyant musician has already recorded a corresponding course of lectures.

During one recent gig, the leader of group “Leningrad” noticed that his work has an educational mission. For example, thanks to his song “Exhibit” people know who van Gogh is. And the musician decided to speed up the education of the masses and recorded a crash course in art history.

“Today, out of friendship for Arzamas is a nonprofit educational project devoted to humanitarian knowledge, read a course of lectures – “the fastest history of Russian art of XX century”. Will all this matter in the 20’s of November. Was glad to meet old and new friends,” shared Cords with followers Instagram.

Fans of Sergei this news, of course, was delighted: “Thanks, will listen”, “a Real gift! Looking forward to!”, “Sergei discovered a new side to yourself!!!”, “You’re more surprise.” And some noticed that in the case of public education, Sergey will handicap the professionals: “What can the Cord will not be able academician. What can an academic, making the Cord!”

Well, in that lecture, Sergey will enjoy rabid demand, no doubt. And we will be waiting for the new interesting projects. Although after the engagement of the Cord in the morning version of the program “good night, kids!” we already difficult than a surprise.