Matchmaker rose Sabitova commented on the scandal in the Prosecutor’s office

Сваха Роза Сябитова прокомментировала скандал в прокуратуре
A few weeks ago a former client of the famous matchmaker Rose Sabitova wrote in her statement.

Сваха Роза Сябитова прокомментировала скандал в прокуратуре

The subject of discontent was the fact that the girls believed rose, paid the money for finding a groom for them, and Sabitova, with candidates giving them only “Breakfast”. In the end the ladies decided to appeal to the authorities to stop the alleged fraudulent activity matchmaker.

Сваха Роза Сябитова прокомментировала скандал в прокуратуре

Today rose for the first time decided to comment on the scandal, writing in the blog:

“The truth needs to be with his fists? Do I need to answer the enemy with the same aggression and the same weapon, or to believe that Evil itself will be punished? Doing business, which comes from the word HOLY, which creates Faith and Love, I’m not going to stoop to such low behavior problems, aggression and revenge. I firmly believe in my Case that is my Calling. For the sake of what the Lord CALLED me into this world. I believe in Law and Order of my country. So I feel sorry for the women in the problems of his personal life, blaming me, and from their own impotence, trying to slander me. I feel sorry for people who do not know me and my work support this slander. God will judge! The only thing I do all I can assure is that no one can break me, and stop doing my favorite thing, to help the birth of a strong and happy families!”.

What exactly is a “calling” Roses will now investigate law enforcement.

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