Магистр «Что? Где? Когда?» Андрей Козлов вступился за «Дом-2» Recently, the star of intellectual show leads restarted transmission “brain ring”. Andrey Kozlov has told journalists that his family are not fans of the TV show, and even if I watched them, there is nothing wrong. Even “House-2”, says the expert, can pay tribute.
Магистр «Что? Где? Когда?» Андрей Козлов вступился за «Дом-2»

Spring program “brain ring” was back on TV screens. This time she is in the NTV. Recently, reporters interviewed the host of the show, the 57-year-old master’s “What? Where? When?” Andrei Kozlov. He spoke about the fate of the show, and also shared his opinion about the activities of colleagues.

Kozlov is interesting to ask in a live TV show that is not a game, for example, on a reservoir in Chelyabinsk. Exactly the same goes Leonid Yakubovich. Goats don’t see anything wrong in the comparisons with the leading “Field of miracles”.

“We all, to some extent, the Yakubovich and Voroshilova. What is the “Field of dreams”? Of course, this is not about guessing letters, and in exactly the same way about people. I’m afraid of you say, “the House-2″ – about people too,” he said.
Магистр «Что? Где? Когда?» Андрей Козлов вступился за «Дом-2»

Goats himself is not looking the telestroke. However, he does not see anything reprehensible in its existence and does not apply contemptuous of the fans of “House-2”. Mr Krainy said that the show, which is many years in the screens is a team of professionals.

“First, we must pay tribute to those who make “House-2”. It just seems that just so many years to hold out, as they say in the trend. Second, the “House-2” is a mirror. I don’t want myself to know? Yes when I was 16, I went to grandma the Great Vergunku (village in the city of Lugansk), and we sat on the benches and talked for hours. What? About anything. Apparently, a person must go through a period of love, discussions that seem petty, vulgar… it’s okay. The country is different, it is huge. Someone needs Tchaikovsky, some “House-2”, – said the presenter.

Kozlov believes that a reality show meets the needs of the audience in the entertainment content. The student stressed that the show shows how young people live. As for immorality, which allegedly promotes “Dom-2”, the master does not consider himself entitled to condemn other people. Even their children Andrey is trying to impose nothing.

By the way, relatives of Kozlov is not passionate about what happens on TV. “Or say they do not watch. But I wouldn’t be horrified if they watched,” said the presenter in conversation with Sobesednik.ru. According to Kozlov, his mother was able to take in three different shows at the same time. Master stressed that this passion did not make his mother better or worse.

Recall that the premiere of the program “brain ring” was held in may 1990 on the Central television of the Soviet Union. Since the transmission is restarted several times on different buttons. March 3 this year, the premiere of the show on NTV.