Master class on weaving beaded

Мастер-класс по плетению из бисера

Interesting and original decoration can be done with your hands, for example, to weave a beaded charm earrings with bright rhinestones.

Мастер-класс по плетению из бисера

Step 1. Prepare the nylon thread. Cut 30 cm Weave earrings will be in one thread. So the knot only on one end. The second make is shorter and its length is adjustable during operation.

Step 2. We will continue to work directly with beads and beads. Strung on the thread of the beads and Czech beads using one. Each of 10 pieces. We pass a needle through them 2 times. Not very hard to tighten. Tie a knot in it. Cut the excess thread.

Мастер-класс по плетению из бисера

Step 3. Now we need to weave the second row. It is a bit like a basket. Derive a needle and them beads, strung 7 beads of Czech. Now return the needle into the bead, which bead before. We pass the gap between the newly formed arc and the next bead and the bead. Now string 5 beads, pass needle through last two beads of the arc. Then again through the bead and the bead under a new arc. This weave resembles the seam “back needle”. So weave all the arcs except the last one. During the last arc, we take the beginning of the first two beads of the first arc, then strung 3 beads and then, as with all previous.

Мастер-класс по плетению из бисера

Step 4. Now it’s time to bead “rainbow”. We need to do all 5 arcs. The first arc of the second row connect 5 beads, skip the next 2 arcs, stitched a needle through the bottom. So alternate until the end of the row.

Мастер-класс по плетению из бисера

Step 5. Our extreme series is comprised of arcs, knit Cech. On the three beads between the white arcs. Properly tighten. We pass again through the line, for the strength of the product. Fasten the thread with a knot.

Step 6. On one of the peaks make a loop of four beads.

Мастер-класс по плетению из бисера

Step 7. Clings enclosure.

Repeating steps 1 through 7, making the second earring.

Thank you for your attention!

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