Массажистка, кусающая клиентов, рассказала о работе с Мерайей Кери

Not everyone agrees to be bitten by masseuse Dot matte, known around the world, due to the peculiar method of their work, someone is enough of her hands. Dr. Dot specializiruetsya on pokazywanych their customers. Teeth she has visited and Kanye West, and Lady Gaga and many other celebrities. Was among her clients and Maraya Carey. Of features of work with American diva Mrs. Stein said in a recent interview with Architectural Digest.

“To massage Marie Keri is very difficult. She does not want anyone to touch it the sheets on my massage table it doesn’t lie – the squeamish. God forbid my saliva would get on her skin, she would blush, probably. So Merayu I don’t bite” — told reporters the Dot.