Maslyakov granddaughter suffers from bias

Внучка Маслякова страдает из-за предвзятого отношения 11-year-old Taisiya gets upset when it is judged by famous names. Now the granddaughter of Alexander Maslyakov is a “Children’s drink”. She is not afraid of comparisons with his father and grandfather, because he realizes that skill comes with experience.
Внучка Маслякова страдает из-за предвзятого отношения

Not long ago, the TV started an ambitious project – “Children’s drink”. Should have trusted the granddaughter of Alexander Maslyakov Taisia. Now she is 11 years old. From an early age she held a place of honor in the auditorium with my parents at all games. Taisiya Maslyakov: “If you want, I will drink”

Besides the fact that the girl attends school, she also attends additional classes and enjoys various Hobbies. According to her, some people behave with her insincerely. She understands that in respect of it there is a certain pattern because of her famous family.

“To be honest, not everything in my surroundings see me as the girl I really am. There are people who to me are biased because of my name,” – said Maslyakov in an interview.
Внучка Маслякова страдает из-за предвзятого отношения

Taisiya it is recognized that not compares himself with the famous grandfather and father, who leads game of “Premier League”. She realizes that she lacks the professionalism that comes with experience. Nevertheless the girl is not afraid of the stage, as for several years was in the group “fidget”. She remembers, how was the concerts, and therefore does not hesitate the large number of people, although experiencing every time before the program.

“Often I ask my grandfather, when the excitement will pass. And he says I suffered because everything comes with experience. Generally close to me always very supportive. They know how to find the right words to make me feel confident and strong. I thank them for that!” – said Taisia.

Granddaughter of Alexander Vasilyevich admitted that he also tries himself in the blogosphere. She posts videos that she does while traveling. Also a girl reading the comments from users. Thais do not hide the fact that she’s frustrating to get critical remarks. However, she tries not to take them to heart.

Thais remembered when she appeared on the stage of KVN. She admitted in an interview with “Leider” that was very worried.

“But acting experience on the stage of KVN I already had. It happened last year – I participated in the stage of “homework” League Team, and Mrs. goo. It was a parody of the show “the Voice. Children.” Remember that the jury itself was a Pelagia. And, honestly, it was even a little uncomfortable”, – shared his impressions granddaughter Maslyakov.