Maskim Vitorgan first showed the face of his son

Маским Виторган впервые показал лицо сына Maxim Vitorgan and Ksenia Sobchak still do not show the successor to the camera, only occasionally delighting fans of the pictures of the baby. However, in honor of the recent half of Plato, the father decided to break the Golden rule. On the new photo you can see the boy in all its glory.
Маским Виторган впервые показал лицо сына

Recently, the celebrity couple ended their long vacation, which TV presenter and the actor spent first in Asia and then in Turkey. Judging by the number of posts devoted to Plato, now all thoughts of the spouses busy parent troubles.

Despite the unwillingness to show the boy’s face, Maxim Vitorgan still posted a heartwarming photo with his son.

“We came, we came! And from hide and seek! At once – hide and seek! Plato’s driving, I’m hiding,” commented the actor.

Despite the fact that Maxim covers the boy’s face with his hands, the fans still managed to see the starry face of the heir. Fans immediately bombarded Vitorgan enthusiastic review, noting that Plato was grown. Some of the subscribers of the actor even said that the boy looks just like him. However, the boy’s eyes happy father still chose to close.

We will remind, several days ago, the first-born Ksenia Sobchak turned six months. The presenter spent the day with my son, and now the whole family is in St. Petersburg. Judging by the posts Maxim Vitorgan in Instagram, in cultural capital he is starring in the new film project.

Herself a young mother on the eve doubly pleased fans, laying out a joint photo of Plato with his grandmother.

“Plato Maksimovic and Ludmila B. after a long separation”, – signed photo Ksenia.

Apparently, the star’s family staged a large-scale celebration of the half boy. At least in the scenes shared by Sobchak, you notice and children’s animators, and balls.

Many fans have noted that motherhood has changed and the style of leading, and her personality. The star herself has also said repeatedly that her life was completely different thanks to Plato. Now on Instagram Xenia in addition to work with fashion and bows began to appear children’s clothes and touching post about her son. Under one of the pictures the young woman named her son as “my happiness”.

Recall, Ksenia and Maxim married in 2013. The actor has two children from his first marriage with Victoria Weerberg, but Sobchak first became a mother in November last year.