Листовая маска для бедер, увлажняющий крем-карандаш и другие бьюти-новинки

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Sheet mask for belly and thighs, an updated version of the famous concealer-highlighter Touche Eclat from Yves Saint Laurent, akvagrim calendula, powder like Priyanka Chopra and other beauty innovations of the week — about all the most interesting talk in our review.

Moisturizing cream for the body “24 hours”, Valmont (10 850 RUB.)

35 years after launch, star face cream Prime 24 hours, the Swiss brand Valmont presented the same luxury (price allows calling her that!) new to the body.

It consists of DNA molecule that retains moisture, in 10 thousand times its own molecular weight, an extract of Japanese plants of Imperata cylindrica, rich in potassium, as well as moisturizing and softening ingredients.

Листовая маска для бедер, увлажняющий крем-карандаш и другие бьюти-новинки

The cream that is the consistency of thick cream, especially good after sun exposure. It softens sensitive or irritated skin, restores softness and gives unobtrusive floral scent.

Concealer-highlighter Touche Eclat Radiant High Cover Concealer, Yves Saint Laurent (3 026 RUB)

Released in 1992, Touche Éclat highlighter is a favorite among butyricum and makeup artists thanks to its lightweight formula and unmatched ability to erase from the face (literally) even the dark circles under the eyes. This year, the wand came out in a new black and gold packaging with a more dense texture.

Листовая маска для бедер, увлажняющий крем-карандаш и другие бьюти-новинки

Now the concealer covers dark spots and redness and even rosacea, but it does not dry the skin. Inside light-reflecting particles, illuminating pigments and anti-fatigue complex (vitamin E, caffeine and extract of calendula, Moroccan gardens of Ourika YSL Beaute). We arrived to Russia six hues from 16.

Pigmented lip balm Extra Lip Tint, Bobbi Brown (3 300 rubles).

The best-selling brand — Extra Lip Tint is not just another lip balm. Thanks to the formula with a complex of nourishing oils (olive, avocado and jojoba) and vitamins C and E, medium Extra like a Lip Tint coats the lips with invisible film giving hydration, softness and smoothness.

This spring, the palette natural was enlarged by three more shades. Our pet — translucent baby pink glitter Pink Sparkle Bare. If new, more advanced version of glitter from the 90s.

Extra Lip Tint can be use as the alignment substrate color for additional moisture or alone to care for the lips: lip balm with a soft texture emphasizes the natural hue. The product is easy to apply and without a mirror, it goes so thin that it won’t even leave a noticeable imprint on the cups.

Aquakem with concentrated calendula Calendula Serum is Infused Water Cream, Kiehl’s (2 650 RUB.)

Anyone who at least once heard about the brand Kiehl’s, knows of their cult product — the tonic without alcohol Calendula (its composition has not changed since the release of the funds in the 1960-ies). The latest addition in the line of Calendula is aquakem with micronized calendula petals and a high concentration of flower extract of calendula. Weightless formula provides long-lasting (and it’s not just words: promise effect by as much as 24 hours!) moisturizing, leaves skin soft, evens its tone, gives a fresh, radiant appearance and reduces redness.

The last property, perhaps most importantly, because quercetin, α – and β-amyrin, oleanolic acid, and lupeol, which are contained in calendula, known for its ability to reduce irritation.

Листовая маска для бедер, увлажняющий крем-карандаш и другие бьюти-новинки

Powder Instant Accomplice Blurring Beauty Powder, Marc Jacobs Beauty (4 500 roubles)

We were looking forward to this launch since December last year, when Priyanka Chopra was married to nick Jonas. Why? Because this powder was used by the actress in such an important day to create fresh, glowing skin. All the magic happens due to the pearl pigments that diffuse light and blur flaws. Inside — handy brush on the magnet. In line Accomplice, by the way, you’ll find concealer and Concealer Accelice & Touch-up Stick. He is also above all praise!

Листовая маска для бедер, увлажняющий крем-карандаш и другие бьюти-новинки

Firming serum for a special Firming Treatment areas, Dibi Milano (4 500 roubles)

Speaking of “special zones”, the experts of the Italian brand Dibi Milano mean thighs, stomach and buttocks. The skin on these areas is sometimes faster just loses tone and elasticity. Serum in ampoules (14 pieces 5 ml) with a silky texture Firming Treatment promises to help return everything to normal.

Листовая маска для бедер, увлажняющий крем-карандаш и другие бьюти-новинки

In the composition of complexes with mysterious names Kigelastic (the extract of the fruit of the tree Kigelia), oxy-driver (working as a kind of dermal filler that triggers the skin a cocktail of gases from oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide), Gum Tonic Complex (extract of chicory root and resin brazilwood barbed), vitamins E, C, PP and B5, coenzyme Q10 (neutralizes free radicals), and peptides.

Moisturizing cream pencil Pen Hydrating, Laneige (945 rubles)

Korean cosmetics brand Laneige is now available in Russia, exclusively in Sephora and networks “Ile De Beaute”. Laneige, from the French word “la neige”, which means snow. All funds made on the basis of water from the snow peaks of the Himalayan mountains (vitamin and mineral water). Brand experts believe that the main thing at any age is moisture, so all products are aimed to saturate the skin with moisture.

Листовая маска для бедер, увлажняющий крем-карандаш и другие бьюти-новинки

To start with suggest mark with a pencil. The composition of essences in a tube in a compact shape handles — green mineral water extracted from the extracts of Kale, Brussels sprouts, artichoke, watercress and beets. You can apply point, to get rid of dryness on lips or eyelids.

Masks belly mask for hip Pro-Series “L’etoile” (price on request)

Mask for nose, patches on the pimples, even mask to vulva varieties of sheet masks lately has become like the news about Meghan Markle. In “L’etoile,” appeared interesting specimens from Taiwan for the abdomen and thighs. First — coffee extract is leaves and grapes. The second gikgo extract of the tuber of Yam and tangerine. Both help to reduce cellulite (very hopefully), moisturize and soften the skin.

Листовая маска для бедер, увлажняющий крем-карандаш и другие бьюти-новинки

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