Mashkov decided on a sharp change in the College theatre

Машков решился на резкие изменения в колледже Табакова The actor continues to rebuild schools. Recently, Vladimir Mashkov, said that recruitment in the drama Studio this year will not. Many fans Tabakov took the news negatively, but the teacher of the school-Studio of MKHAT Dmitry Brusnikin stood up for the artist.
Машков решился на резкие изменения в колледже Табакова

Death of Oleg Tabakov was a big tragedy not only for his relatives but for many fans of the actor. After the funeral, the question arose about who will lead the theatre “Tabakerka”. In the end, this honorable mission fell on the shoulders of Vladimir Mashkov.

Recently a student of Oleg Pavlovich said that this year in the College of music. This decision angered many potential entrants and fans Tabakov.

Director and teacher of the school-Studio of MKHAT Dmitry Brusnikin decided to clarify the situation. He defended Mashkova, which many now blame for his unexpected decision.

“Volodya really stopped a new set and maybe fire some of the teachers. But nothing terrible, I do not see here. If he took on this responsibility and this burden, he must correspond to it. He’s going to make some structural changes. Yes, Volodya is incredibly a gambling man, broad and sweeping. Well, God forbid him to cope with their own excitement and to do good,” said Brusnikin.

It should be noted that Mashkov is not going to close the College Tabakov. As it turned out, the actor just don’t like the way that now works as an educational institution. He intends to conduct a large-scale reorganization, after which the set of entrants will resume.

Dmitry Brusnikin noted that Mashkov was the closest disciple of the apostles. That is why the artist will try to do everything possible to improve the brainchild of Oleg Pavlovich and to prevent deterioration in the work of the College.

Also the teacher of the Moscow art theatre, noted that in case of failure, the actor will be able to find the strength to admit a mistake and to entrust the management of the College to someone else.

“I think he will succeed. And if not, then someone else will continue the work. Or will be offered another strategy for the development of the College. This is a state institution, and I don’t think the state wants to close the brainchild of Tabakov. No tragedy there. Therefore, it is necessary to calm down. Let the man work. Maybe in a few years it will be an outstanding College,” Brusnikin said.

We will remind that earlier the initiative’s work on the abolition of recruitment in the College was supported by his wife Tabakov, Marina Zudina. She stated that the beloved disciple Oleg Pavlovich should be given a chance to implement all his ideas.

Of course, the actor is now a great responsibility, as it will be constantly compared with Tabakov. Dealing with “Sobesednik”, Dmitry Brusnikin said that Vladimir Mashkov is a very self-critical person. He will try to do everything possible to “Snuff” and the theatrical College only became better under his control.