Машу Распутину преследует бывший муж

Recent candid interview with daughter Masha Rasputina leads are not indifferent to the girl’s father, Vladimir Ermakov. Of course! It daughter told, as my own father force-fed her drugs, forced to slander the mother and her new husband, and after all took away from her apartment. Ex-husband and former producer Masha says that their daughter is mentally ill and wants to take her under his wing, but Rasputin is standing out – the second time she his daughter will not give up.

Mary is categorically against the return leads to the father, and even more – she won’t close and let Vladimir to his daughter. Ermakov literally standing guard near the mansion of the former wife. Rasputin calls it “crazy” and says that, on the threshold of the house it will not be allowed. And he himself not strive to get to the mansion.
“He knows what he is going to smash your head” — the singer said told reporters.
As for Lydia, she is happy that escaped from those hellish conditions in which it was put by the native father, in the pursuit of revenge to the mother. Victor Zakharov, Masha’s husband and the father of her youngest daughter, told journalists that against Ermakova has already filed a criminal case for abusing Lydia. Law enforcement agencies have to figure out whether my dad had to put sick daughter in a psychiatric clinic and on what basis he had her apartment.

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