Masha Rasputina scandal during the free concert in Saint Petersburg

Маша Распутина устроила скандал во время бесплатного концерта в Санкт-Петербурге

Masha Rasputina has demonstrated complications from a star at a recent concert in St. Petersburg. The audience was shocked by the ugly behavior of pop stars.

Performance Mashi was to be held in January of this year, but tickets were not sold out and the concert was moved. Since the show this time was free, the audience was very much. In this regard, the mood of the singer seemed upbeat. But it just seemed. Rasputin began to speak with the audience in a tone that came to gawk at the star of the 90s did not like.
“Raise the hands up! Look here pavilion for horses. Why are you standing there rooted to the spot? Masha Rasputin had never seen? Mouths opened, as if I’m some kind of phenomenon?! While Yes, Masha Rasputina – a phenomenon! The only one in the world!” — shouted into the hall of Rasputin.
Soon the singer started to have claim to the engineer.
“Make a normal sound! Just awful!” — she cried or employee, whether people podyebebsim her at this time.
The performance of the perturbed Masha ended on four songs, after which she soon left the scene.