Masha Rasputina said about sick daughter

Маша Распутина высказалась о состоянии больной дочери The singer for the first time in a long time, she spoke about Lydia Ermakova. The father of a young women died in the past year. The heiress of Masha Rasputina has certain health problems, so she periodically falls in a psychiatric clinic.
Маша Распутина высказалась о состоянии больной дочери

Singer Masha Rasputina became the heroine of a new edition of “the Secret to a million.” Broadcast transmission with the participation of the stars of the show this Saturday on NTV. During the conversation with Leroy Kudryavtseva, the leading actress talked about her two marriages and a career on the stage, and relationship with colleagues.

First Masha’s husband Vladimir Ermakov died in October last year. The star was extremely tense relations with the ex-spouse.

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“I was always told: “Yes throw you this goat!” Everyone called him a jerk. As the dog died” – emotionally said the actress.
Маша Распутина высказалась о состоянии больной дочери

The eldest daughter of the singer Lydia was born in 1985. The star has repeatedly stated that Vladimir has set up an heiress against her mother. It is known that Lydia has some problems with health, and it occurs in a psychiatric hospital. The young woman established relations with Mary until 2016. Then close friends decided to have a Frank conversation and asked each other’s forgiveness.

After his father’s death, Lydia has become heir to chetyrehkomnatnuyu apartments in Moscow, together with his brother Alexei, the son of Vladimir Ermakov from his first marriage. Due to the fact that the young woman was in no hurry to claim their rights to the property, her relatives raised the alarm. Later it turned out that Lydia, all is well, and she communicates regularly with her mother. In a recent interview with the NTV Masha Rasputina for the first time talked about her daughter.

“Lida is my pain constant, as they say, toothache. It can be voices, hallucinations. When I was taking her to himself, she’s there [in the clinic] is 10-15 days, it’s nothing. And then begins to move down,” shared the singer.

In addition, the new release “million dollar Secret” Masha Rasputina will share their story of love with the current husband Viktor Zakharov. The singer has legalized relationship with a businessman in 1999. In this marriage the actress had a daughter, Mary. The star managed to find common language with Nellie, heiress Zakharova from a previous relationship. In his interview, the celebrity said that is not shared by children on their own and others. Nellie and Maria also became friends with each other. Girls often spend time together, traveling and doing sports.

Talking with Leroy Kudryavtseva, Rasputin will also share the attitude of the modern show business. The pop star will talk about their friends and enemies. Viewers will learn that Igor Krutoy was angry the singer and why she did not greet with Phillip Kirkorov 10 years.