Маша Распутина заметно постройнела
Some time ago a popular singer Masha Rasputina was in holiday in Dubai for three weeks.

Маша Распутина заметно постройнела

Rasputin, her husband Victor and daughter Mary usually rented Villa. The singer tried to control myself on the rest and watch your diet.

In the end, the actress managed to lose 7 pounds. Mary hurried to share their successes with subscribers.

Маша Распутина заметно постройнела

“If my sport was the walk to the restaurant for Breakfast, then Mary is now back with Jogging and swimming, – said Masha’s husband Victor. – She usually ordered food in the room. Mostly ate seafood, fruits, vegetables. Even the wife discovered Indian food. Specially prepared for her pellets on the water of bran. Masha and prior to the trip were slim, and came back very skinny. By the way, thanks to her three years ago I lost 25 kg and hold the weight still. “Either lose weight or leave,” said the wife, and rightly so.”

The man admitted that he was proud of his wife, she is just gorgeous.

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