Маша Распутина похвасталась роскошным авто за десятки миллионов Recently, the singer drives a posh car, which cost her husband in a very decent amount. The man spared no means to see joy in the eyes of the woman. Masha Rasputina was in huge delight from a gift for its second half.

      Singer Masha Rasputina happily married with businessman Viktor Zakharov. Recently chosen star decided to surprise her. He gave her a gorgeous gift – the car “rolls Royce Phantom”. The celebrity was on the seventh heaven from happiness when I saw luxury foreign car.

      Masha Rasputina rested in Dubai in a million. PHOTO

      “About the car we wanted for a long time. I ordered it to the last day of the birth of Maria Nikolaevna. All this time we waited for her produce. The car I’m happy. He hand-built, reliable and high-quality… the Wife was very pleased. She used herself behind the wheel and drove. But now it stopped”, – said Victor evstafievich reporters.

      New car Masha Rasputina treated her husband in a decent amount. On the market its price starts from 26 million rubles. If you take into account the facts that the car Rasputina assembled by hand and fully equipped, that its value increases approximately two times. But Victor evstafievich sparing no expense for his beloved woman.

      Zakharov told reporters that their family buy a new car every three years. However, the husband of Masha Rasputina sincerely hopes that “rolls-Royce” will last her much longer. The star car has everything you need for comfortable movement. When the singer gets bored, she can turn on the TV, and if you decide to eat, then in this case the machine is equipped with a refrigerator. Besides, in salon of a foreign car there was a small bar.

      By the way, not so long ago Masha Rasputina became the guest of the program “Maximmaxim”. “My God!” – could not restrain his delight Galkin, seeing in what great shape is a star. Rasputin told the presenter of the program about how she supports herself in great shape. “Physical education, gymnastics. Drink a lot and eat grass,” the star answered a question about his secret harmony. Rasputin also admitted why rarely appears on television. Masha told that pays more time with my family than hanging out or shooting.

      Masha Rasputina has already managed to walk the new product in its car Park. A celebrity came to her in the Kremlin Palace, reports Sobesednik.ru.