Машу Распутину предали близкие
May 13 Masha Rasputina received congratulations in honor of his birthday.

Машу Распутину предали близкие

The star of the 90s celebrated his 53rd birthday.

And today Rasputin maintains an active solo career, touring around the country.

Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva predicted the future of the singer, having studied her life code.

“In its code nine-nine-nine – she’s the strongest analyst is able to calculate the life several moves ahead, besides celebrities very intuitive – it does not spend. Besides, the star is talented and charismatic, fair and very sincere person.

But her life is no luck she went to work. Her problem is that she’s too idealizes relationships. It is because of this approach in her life was betrayal by those close to you who the singer is very upset. Masha needs to learn not to let people close to them, and build independent relationships”, says Kuzenbaeva.

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