Masha Odoevtseva openly talked about the divorce

Маша Адоевцева откровенно рассказала о разводе The former participant of the reality show decided to share the secret. Masha Odoevtseva broke up with her husband Sergei. She believes that the relationship between spouses require a lot of work and therefore it is necessary to clearly understand what kind of man to create strong family.

      The star of the reality show “Dom-2” Masha Odoevtseva for a long time tried not to comment on his parting with her husband Sergei. Fans noticed that was missing from the microblog joint photo of husband and wife. Apparently, Masha is very hard to talk about my personal life, especially when it comes to the collapse of his family. Only now did she open up about what’s going on in her relationship with the father of her daughter.

      Eks-the participant “Houses-2” Maria Odoevtseva: “my Husband left me spiritually”

      “That’s a small revelation. Friends, sorry for the very long answer was tormented about his family. In the end matured to the fact that nothing to hide the obvious picture of life. Know how many people knew our story and was really worried. Everything is simple and yet difficult. Had a family and did not. It happens in life. Yes, anything can happen. So I think that till the end walk with his elect, and here it turns out that God had other plans for you. May not be there in the end and not walked those paths. And paths diverge,” – said Odoevtseva.

      Now she realizes it was a mistake that led to the collapse of a happy married life. She said that it is important to understand whether the goals of the beloved, whether a woman and a man ready to create family. The former participant “Houses-2” understands that marriage is a big responsibility.

      “And life is a daily waves, family – great work, there needs to be a sturdy ship! And if the “captain” of the ship doesn’t know of course where this all can cause?! From this ship and you need to quickly flee and escape. There is hope and give up…And be you one dark afternoon on a deserted island and begin to live again. And sank this ship which in appearance was so strong and so many beautiful places yet to see. It’s good that you remain cheerful angel, who gave you a wing and gives me strength each day, good if you have friends who will take money and will save you from a black day!” – shared thoughts Mary.

      Despite the fact that the former participant of the reality show broke up with her lover, she wishes him to find himself and to understand the meaning of life. Odoevtseva grateful to the former choice that was between them, and especially for his daughter Elizabeth that was born to them in marriage.