Маша Малиновская нанесла удар Дане Борисовой The socialite quoted one of podeschi, afford a very sharp statement in the address of its offenders. According to the Director, Dana Borisova and Rustam Solntsev slandering her. Your post Masha compared with the uppercut.
Маша Малиновская нанесла удар Дане Борисовой

Last week Masha Malinovskaya took part in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” with Dana Borisova. DJ and socialite TV presenter accused of libel. According to Masha, The serious health problems. In turn, Borisov continues to insist that the Hill needed to be treated for severe dependence.

A few days later, Mary continued the fight with a colleague in show business. This time Malinovskaya decided to host in his opinion the subscribers will Ellini. A fan of socialite extremely dissed Borisova. Allina believes that she is behaving extremely childish, and is now trying to get more PR on the history dependence of Masha.

Маша Малиновская нанесла удар Дане Борисовой“I was afraid to turn on the Russian channels. Anywhere showed the stupid junkie Borisov, who was cursed by his mother, lay drunk in pubs, crying false tears. She repented, obeyed Malakhov and went to be treated already in Thailand, dragging a banned substance. (…) Then I cried again and was told that it was impossible to show it all over the country, she is the perfect lady, and actually have to think about the psyche of the child. And when Dana arranged the den, lying in pubs and hanging out at home with strange people, she didn’t think about the psyche of the child?” – spoken by podistica the Hill.
Маша Малиновская нанесла удар Дане Борисовой

Allina also spoke about Rustam, Solntsevo district, who suspected Mary in the harmful addiction. According to fans of the Director, the showman acted unworthily. The woman believes that he came up with stories about addiction socialites together with Borisova.

Маша Малиновская нанесла удар Дане Борисовой“NeoMagic Rustam Solntsev and Janusik Borisov collectively decided to hypenate. What to do? The addict is unlikely to illuminate the primes on the main channels, and her friend did not Shine at all, but maybe someone was kind enough to make allowances for the fillers? These two decided to hypenate and came up with stories about what Masha Malinovskaya an addict. And still, she passed all the tests and even help brought. Insane Borisova anyone not heard and not allowed to say a word. (…) Looking at her, I thought that if earlier the woman, who has taken part sorokovnik needed a psychiatrist, but now she urgently needs an exorcist” – said the lady of the social networks.

Moreover, Allina sure it charges Solntseva and Borisova have brought my mother to the Director a heart attack. “I’m sorry I dragged you,” she turned to Mache her fan. The blonde thanked her for her support and completed the publication in his eloquent statement.

“Thank you! I want to add that instead of the word “round” at the end of the battle I wanted to do an uppercut!” – said Masha.

Users of social networks ambiguously reacted to the publication the Hill. Some of them were outraged too harsh quote and its tone. They encouraged Mary to end public squabble with Dana. “If you’re going to respond, will not leave from you”, “don’t you need to pay attention to anyone who tries to hurt”, “Cut”, “Forget about it”, “don’t be nervous, everyone knows the truth. It is envy”, “don’t stoop to their level”, “Burn all bridges and go forward”, “Unpleasant to read. Do not pour the mud, the more you should not quote others that are also trying to sell themselves. The caravan moves on, and he did not hurt. You do inflate scandal. New year is coming, pleasant. You have your own way” – commented the followers to the Director.