Маша Малиновская рассказала о конфликте с отцом The presenter was able to forgive my father after many years. Masha Malinovskaya told how needed it after the divorce. Now Masha talking with the father, and he is willing to make amends to the daughter.
Маша Малиновская рассказала о конфликте с отцом

Masha Malinovskaya not often talks about his childhood. It is known that she was born, grew up, graduated from high school in Smolensk. To learn is not particularly loved, was friends with the now world-famous model plus size Katya Zharkova. Most of the time the girl was brought up by grandparents. And all because Mary’s parents divorced.

In the “Stars aligned” Malinovskaya said that her mom and dad split up when she was ten.

“I was very worried. I cried and cried. For me it was a heavy blow. A military dad served in another city, and we lived in Smolensk. And I haven’t seen him in years, he never called me, never wrote letters, not congratulated on his birthday. I was very upset with him because it was the moment in my adolescence when I was really needed, but it was not” – said the Director.
Маша Малиновская рассказала о конфликте с отцом

When Malinovskaya graduated from high school, his father reappeared in her life. According to Mary, he never asked the only daughter of forgiveness. But she is not holding it against him, because Nicholas Cages, says his daughter, more than justifies his absence in her life, talking with his grandson.

Father of Masha Malinovskaya lives in Smolensk, he is a military retired, for six years and runs the firm for the production of outdoor LEDs. More for souls than for money. Daughter to help him, and now no opportunities, and she sometimes gives him money for gasoline. “Dad with his arm outstretched to her daughter not worth it, as well as the daughter of an independent man,” the man told reporters.

Маша Малиновская рассказала о конфликте с отцом

They long time did not communicate and Nikolai Amarowicz very sorry that we have missed precious time. Now he makes up for it with his grandson. The son of the Director Myron 6 years old, and his grandfather actually replaces the boy’s father, raises him a real man.

Malinovskaya this turn of events very pleased. Moreover, she communicates well with his new wife of his father. “Dad’s new relationship, he’s got a great wife. I am very worried to go with her to the river. She is over 60 and she is in terrific shape and can give odds to any 18-year-old girls. And my mom never married again, so maybe resentment at fate. But she’s not alone because she’s with me and Myron,” shared the Director.