Маша Малиновская сцепилась с Даной Борисовой в эфире телешоу In the new edition of Andrei Malakhov, the socialite responded to suspicions of severe dependence. Malinovskaya outraged by such claims. The blonde said that she had to live in two cities because of the serious illness of the mother.
Маша Малиновская сцепилась с Даной Борисовой в эфире телешоу

Thursday in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” Masha Malinovskaya met with Rustam Solntsev and Dana Borisova, which I suspect Mary in the use of illegal drugs. The socialite wasn’t afraid to appear in the Studio to reveal the truth about the alleged addiction. According to Masha, these allegations are untrue and is a provocation. Star accused Borisov and Anderson for libel, has not stinted on the expression.

Rustam Solntsev: “Masha Malinovskaya, I don’t want to bury you”

“I’m hurt. I think it is [Dana] a misunderstanding. She takes the baby, and she falls, being drunk. Dana persuaded Andrew, she agreed that she has a problem. “I suffer, I am dependent, I am ready to be treated,” she says now. Went to Thailand, taking banned substances… I feel sorry for her, she was ill. Dana previously considered a fool. Now she’s over 40, but the mind is not increased. But this Rustam Solntsev, who shoots video? Flabby, in a vest-the alcoholic. Claims that I am his girlfriend. Dude, I don’t know. What kind of drugs? Do you think its silicone head?” sharply expressed Malinovskaya.
Маша Малиновская сцепилась с Даной Борисовой в эфире телешоу

The media personality said that the information has spread on the Internet (about her alleged addiction), affected the loved ones of Mary. “Given the fact that I’m worried about these people, and my mother, I do not see other exit how to give them in the scoreboard” – angry diva. She also apologized to the audience for their expression. “I’m sorry. In fact, I found it very hard to come by. At the last moment I learned that in the Studio will be Given. After what she said, my mom had a heart attack. She almost died!” – said the blonde.

The mother of the Director was faced with a serious illness. In recognition of Masha, she postponed their case to support a loved one in a difficult situation. The star has returned to his hometown.

“Some time ago I had grief in the family. Mom has a serious illness, we try not to call it a word of three letters. Andrew, she’s got cancer. I had to come to his native Smolensk to help her,” said presenter Andrey Malakhov.

Correspondents of the program went to the small home of Masha, where she interviewed her parents. Nicholas Cages, the father of Telebanking, said her mother required constant care.

Маша Малиновская сцепилась с Даной Борисовой в эфире телешоу“I made a difficult operation. It happened in late autumn 2015. I was twice operated. Had to leave work. Masha also began to have problems with the work. She lived in two cities – traveled to Moscow and came back, delayed”, – said the mother of the stars Marina Sadkova.
Маша Малиновская сцепилась с Даной Борисовой в эфире телешоу

The ex-husband of Telebanking Denis Davitashvili owed a six-figure sum and was gone. Then Masha started calling criminals and collectors. To calm down, took the leading tranquilizers. “I lived in hell, it is not necessary to separate the context from the human condition. Yeah, I talked slowly in the previous TV”, – explained the star. Denis is now behind bars. Malinovskaya haven’t been in touch with the ex-spouse.

Маша Малиновская сцепилась с Даной Борисовой в эфире телешоу“He was arrested for six months and is in jail in Moscow. I am very hurt. My wife is sick, I did too… not Physically survive if you go there and see it. He’s still my son. Malinovsky I don’t know, I never got involved in his relationships with women,” – said father Dennis Alexander.

Dana Borisova entered into a discussion with the Director. “I never insulted you. Masha from the drug, you can expect anything. I was in rehab with people like you compared to them just rest,” she said to Masha. However, the interrupted speech and The invited Studio guests to have fun, saying, “GOP-stop”.

“You have manners vulgar, and you swear this, by the way, can also break in rehab. Maybe you finally and it will get better? You say that like being “in use”. I understand you,” said Borisov to the Director.
Маша Малиновская сцепилась с Даной Борисовой в эфире телешоу

Speaking about the statements of Rustam Solntseva, Dana emphasized that she have a claim to the showman. “This is the man who is promoted on any grief and reason, if only to prove himself. And Masha, I want to say that is not ashamed to be sick, it’s a shame not to recover. I did this step and publicly acknowledged the problem. It inhibited speech and the restless look”, – said Borisov.

Malinovskaya explained the features of his speech the fact that she takes antidepressants. However, Rustam Solntsev not persuaded by the arguments of Masha and he said that she needs help.

“You need help, there is no struggle. Call me what you want words. I am willing to apologize to anyone, if only she to be treated”, – said the showman.