Masha Malinovskaya gave an answer to allegations of drug addiction

Маша Малиновская дала ответ на обвинения в наркозависимости
Recently, Rustam Solntsev in his microblog said that Masha Malinovskaya has a dependency on the drug.

Маша Малиновская дала ответ на обвинения в наркозависимости

The assurances Solntseva, Malinowska I needed professional help to cure addiction. Journalists asked for comments to the Mache, she said that Rustam doesn’t really know.

“I don’t do drugs, alcohol, anything prohibited by the law of the Russian Federation! Rustam Solntsev I have seen twice: on the program TNT and in my ward, when I did some plastic surgery at Nut Babayan. He came to visit me, brought me some cake, offered to do a project. I did not see never in life. Just saw it in the movie “saving Mary”. But a wave. I recorded some verses on Instagram, and the people I began to attribute some condition: alcoholic, some more. They say, need to be treated urgently! What’s wrong with her?” – said TV presenter.

According to Masha, so Rustam is trying to be promoted at her expense.

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