Маша Малиновская объяснила свое решение переехать на Украину ради работы

A few days ago, Masha Malinovskaya made a statement that angered a large portion of its subscribers. In his microblog on Instagram, the TV presenter wrote that she wanted to leave the “Raska” (the name of Russia) and sent to work in Ukraine.

“Please, take me,please! I’m going to cry, I’m gonna cry. I just spoke with my friend complained that there is nothing I don’t enjoy. I want to be on TV. “Rashke” now somehow it does not work, but in Ukraine I would love to have worked,” said 35-year-old Maria.

After a couple of days Malinovskaya decided to clarify what she meant, when they called their homeland “raška”. According to Masha, the word she used exclusively from great love, as he believes it minisicule pet.

“If I had the money, I would have moved on a permanent basis. I’m a single mother! I moved to London, to Kazakhstan, to India. I am a free man! I move to where I’m offered a job. No problem to move, and that’s okay! Now we are talking about Ukraine. Call from Chisinau, I would have moved to Chisinau, if I arranged for the money in terms. I have a child, I have a responsibility. And this does not mean that I would have changed citizenship. And I haven’t been offered. I was offered a job. And after work, I would go back to Moscow”, — said the star.


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