Masha Malinovskaya disgraced not childish

Маша Малиновская оскандалилась не по-детски
37-year-old presenter Masha Malinovskaya have not get the connection. Because of this, fans began to worry something was wrong with his beloved blonde.

Маша Малиновская оскандалилась не по-детски

It turned out that all this time Mary was working in the Studio, recording a new track. The result was the song the Hill called “Gentlemen Dance Ladies”.

Маша Малиновская оскандалилась не по-детски

“Friends, today was released my new song – Gentlemen dance ladies. Listen and download on all digital platforms”

wrote to Mary on the first night of 20 April 2018, making a mistake in the main word songs.

Listen to new you can just below:

But in addition Instagram Malinovskaya published a photo with interesting tags that hinted at another plastic Masha:

“Hi! Bored? #operatsiyalarini”.

Маша Малиновская оскандалилась не по-детски

We will remind that on March 31 2018 March Masha Malinovskaya told about the operation:

“Ladies and gentlemen! Please welcome, old-new, Masha Malinovskaya! I read all your comments to my extreme esters @MalaKhov007 and @leratv. I want to thank all of you for the support and for the criticism! I spent an epic work on the bugs and considered indisputable your fair comments! Appearance, speech technology, professionalism, everything was inventoried and all these tools that I previously owned but not used, finally got to the mezzanine! I want to thank my family, all these years never ceased to believe in me! Friends and people I did not know that despite the outer shell see the light in me and know what beauty is and understand why it deify people. I know that is not a vessel which is empty , and all the blazing fire in the vessel. And of course I want to thank my enemies and haters for something, not bilico me indifferent because the greatest sin against one’s neighbor – not hatred, but indifference! Here is truly the pinnacle of inhumanity. Thank you for a clear understanding of the fact that that no fall can’t last forever, sooner or later you reach the bottom of the abyss and dies or tries to get out and sometimes you really need to go down to the bottom to get a good start for the new take-off! And just in case If you need me, I’m in the same place where it was when it was not needed Now I know how to stop worrying and start living, how to find the exit in a desperate situation, to find strength for a new leap, to see the light at the end of the tunnel people who I used to be confused in his life and seemingly completely lost the thread of Ariadne that leads out of the gloom! About how to lose weight without Thai tablets, illegal drugs and plastic surgery. How to draw time to sleep, and evil enemies to look and feel better than you felt and looked in 25, in her almost forty, and many other broadcast the actual channel on Russian TV. Coming SOON! Stay tuned.”

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