Masha Malinovskaya admitted that she had experienced harassment 42-year-old Muz-TV star Masha Malinovskaya shared revelations about her life.

Masha Malinovskaya admitted that she had experienced harassmentTV presenter became a guest on YouTube Show “Open, David!” and in a conversation with David Winner, she spoke about harassment.

According to the celebrity, over the years of her career, she faced harassment from men at work. And, according to Malinovskaya, no one is immune from obscene proposals. who faced harassment” />

“Like many, I am familiar with the word harassment. A person will either agree or reject such an obscene proposal. Not all of us are so white and fluffy. And it doesn't say on you: “Don't come near – it will kill you.” Anyway, someone will try, ”the TV presenter believes.

Malinovskaya also wonders why some celebrities are silent about the harassment experienced for a long time.

“No one considers this appropriate. Yes, there was such a case, but it was necessary either to speak then, or to be silent forever, ”she explained.

In the end, Masha advised all women not to be silent about the violence experienced and to speak about it right away. In her opinion, the victims should not hide it.

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